Products and Customer Approach

We have a friendly, courteous and fun mandarin staff at Highland Orchard. They are happy to see you arrive, anxious to help you while you are here and always ready to help you to your car with your purchase. We can sell you 5 pounds or 500 pounds; we want to be your mandarin provider!

Those of us at Highland Orchard work very hard to keep our orchard, packing facility, and all the surrounding areas as clean as possible.

Food safety is a prime concern for us here at Highland. We have a food safety plan and we are always aware that food & safety practices are followed. We instruct our help, both in the orchard and in the packing shed, to do the same.

Highland Orchard Mandarin Club Card

Highland Orchard Mandarin Club Card

2017 Mandarin Club card can be used for the 2018 Season

We will be giving one 10# bag free for every twelve 10# bags purchased.The completed cards are collected and at the end of the season we will have a drawing and the prize will be a gift basket of all of our added value products.

Our Products

  • Mandarin Bread (Medium Loaf $12.00)
  • Mandarin Cookies (6 for $10.00 )
  • Mandarin White Fudge without Nuts (1/2lb $9.00)
  • Honey (1lb – $12.00)
  • Syrup ($14.00)
  • Mandarin Mini Bunt Cake ($6.00)
  • Special Blend Whole Bean Coffee (1lb – $15.00)
  • Smoke Salmon with Mandarin Glaze (Starts @ $12.00, depending on weight)

All of these products are prepared for us by Fresh Way Kitchens.  They take pride in their Mandarin creations.  They use only top quality ingredients and prepare everything in small batches to insure each product is the best it can be.

  • Colwell Lemon Olive Oil (8.5 oz $12.00)
  • Colwell Mandarin Olive Oil (8.5 oz $12.00)
  • Jams & Marmalade ($10.00)

Mandarin Pricing

  • 5# Bag – $10.00
  • 10# Bag – $20.00
  • 25# Box – $50.00
Just Remember:!
Members of the Mountain Mandarins Association and Farm Bureau